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Bettina Klumpp & Marco Reinecke

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People live Processes need Systems

For Diagnose-It! successful consulting means achieving a deep understanding of our client´s business by delivering clear added value to their organisations vision with our projects and concepts. This requires knowledge, competencies and awareness of the industry.

In addition to having the same level of understanding of the business, there is also personal acceptance and liability as key factors for common change management.

Diagnose-it! focuses on the following core topics:

  • HR Strategies and processes
  • Retail development
  • Interface management

Our focus is on the interaction of people, processes and systems. Accordingly, our philosophy is to successfully build on these relationships which have proven to be the key factor for success in all our projects to date.

Who are we?

Diagnose-it! was founded in 2009 as a professional, competent and reliable partner for process change management at all levels and in all fields of the automotive industry.

Since 2015, Bettina Klumpp & Marco Reinecke manage the company together as business partners. The companies that we have engaged with, to date, have greatly benefitted from this extensive joint experiences. These experiences are from consulting, to conception and project management / roll out for automotive volume and premium manufacturers as well as suppliers.

What do we do?

Together with our customers we develop and support strategies for process change management, guide them to rollout and provide user-friendly systems and tools.

When developing these processes, concepts and tools, we always prioritise the individual needs and the practicability of their application to the individual organisation’s needs.

To ensure this becomes a reality for the company we also systematically involve the dealer network and the field force.

We will provide extensive and / or international projects in co-operation with our renowned and globally active partners.


The “Human Resource“ is, as an operational converter, the key central part of most of the processes and defines the success of a company more than any other factor.

It is for this reason that we provide appropriate solutions for each core process along the employee life cycle as well as constantly adapting to new challenges and providing customer value for each individual company.

Example – Strategic HR resource planning:

The basics of our strategic HR resource planning is to analyse the organisations headcount, to question their employee portfolio, to derive the actual human resource requirements and align it with the business objectives and future targets.

Directors and HR Managers are often surprised by the results that can be detected and achieved by an analysis of headcount and attrition data - and the kind of processes, actions and opportunities that can be initiated/ put in place from this.

Our goal is to establish a steady and practicable process of resource planning that facilitates the opportunity for long-term monitoring. Our partners will see the benefits of this in its corporate success.

Our relevant services in a nutshell:

  • Evaluation of indicators regarding age structure, duration of employment and various components of attrition
  • Analytic rating of the actual and the target employee portfolio
  • Resource planning considering business objectives and target achievement

Example – Potential-based recruitment:

Strategic recruitment of new managers and employees is a key success factor. Therefore, it is mandatory to identify exactly those candidates, that are able to support you in achieving your corporate goals, and attract them to your company.

With this in mind, it is important to integrate the complex interaction of subject matter, method, social and personal competencies against the backdrop of your defined needs into the recruitment process and represent this in a reliable and understandable way.

Our relevant services in a nutshell:

  • Conduction of online-based applicant assessments
  • Preparation of reports for candidate interviews
  • Provide concepts for role and customer specific assessments

Example – Competency-based employee development:

THE CORE of HR-Management is composed of the targeted development of your employees by individual annual appraisals and the derivation of specific and reasonable measures.

There are more than enough reasons why:

Customer satisfaction, target achievement, employer attractiveness, employee satisfaction, reduced attrition and incorporation costs and many more…

There are very little why not…

In this area as well, we realise the importance of implementing a practicable process to anyone concerned.

We are aware of the needs of Management and staff and we will support you with customized services as a part of an evidence-based approach.

Our relevant services in a nutshell:

  • Online-based competency analyses
  • Preparation of reports for annual appraisal meetings
  • Provision of employee portfolios and competency-based recommendations for training


Only stringently practiced processes over all areas will lead to the maximum of performance, satisfaction and transparency of all concerned and anyone who relies on them: Management, employees and customers.

It is for this reason, that it is our target to derive opportunities from process deficits and to develop them accordingly.

Processes, practicability and flexibility do not mean diametrical opposites, rather they are mutually interlinked.

Focus Interface processes:

The performance of an individual is very much dependent on how much his interface partners will allow him too – and everyone is directly or indirectly involved in interface processes or is dependent on them.

Consequently, reliable interfaces that work well are a further focus of our work and services:

We analyse this process level with adequate means and compelling tools, we derive potentials and offer practical solutions.

To ensure this becomes a manageable long-term practice, it is very important for us to integrate this approach into the rules of regular and team communication as well as the HR Management.

Our relevant services in a nutshell:

  • Analysis of current interface processes and according recommendations for action
  • Assessment and readjustment of interface communication
  • Transfer and integration of interface processes into the organisation (e.g. job descriptions)

Focus Division processes:

The enhancement of the independent processes of each company division needs a sound mix of expert knowledge of the area and strong analytic skills.

Due to our profound experience in retail development, we focus on work in this sector. In particular we love to be your contact and partner for all division specific topics around organisational structure, CRM and customer satisfaction.

Although some people do, we would not regard these processes on their own as it is very important to take the interaction of Retail and HR Management into account.

Our relevant services in a nutshell:

  • Assessment of performance, processes and the organisational structure of management and teams
  • Identifying opportunities and recommending actions for CRM
  • Implementation of change management processes with the objective of enhancing customer satisfaction

Focus Individual processes:

Almost every employee has external or internal customers who need to be optimally looked after.

It is our remit to establish this perspective, to align processes accordingly and to optimise them in relation to structure, efficiency and time management.

The issue is not always just the willingness of the individual employee to change, there are also external factors that can influence performance and loyalty in a negative or positive way:

Leadership, communication, workplace conditions, working time, incentive system etc.

Accordingly, we are concerned not only with the single component of this process level, but also with its contribution to the overall result.

Our relevant services in a nutshell:

  • Assessment of individual processes and conditions
  • Readjustment of the understanding of service
  • Demonstrating of basic and “hygiene“ factors for more commitment and loyalty


Several processes can only be established, conducted, analysed and carried through in an efficient and effective way if supported by suitable systems and methods.

In managing this, we work with a set of system modules within an online-based platform* which enable both of us to focus on the content aspects of projects, processes and measures as well as ensuring universal transparency.

…and as a pleasant side effect, you will achieve a significant financial value due to the increased efficiency.

Module- HR Development“:

Our experience and that of many companies demonstrate that a lot of challenges and blockades in the implementation of the HR development process can be avoided by using the right instruments.

Important for successful implementation of this process is:

… that the employees and managers are allowed to focus on the assessments, the appraisal interviews and the identified actions.
…that the employee roles, the competency catalogues and behaviour anchors are individualised.
…that the (HR-) Management has enough transparency.

For all of these reasons, we provide a very adaptable tool which can be individually customized to your company and to the roles of your employees.

Some of the module features in a nutshell:

  • Online-based annual appraisal assessments with individually adjustable competency catalogues
  • Automated creation of assessment reports for appraisal interviews
  • Individual tool access and rights for management and administrators
  • Employee file showing all relevant data – e.g. reports, competency development, upload function…
  • Informative reporting with derivation of key activities and employee portfolio

Module “Employee Action Management “:

Agreed development measures concerning employees are only good if they are carried through so that the employee and his personal development gets the required attention. This especially concerns:

  • Incorporation activities / actions
  • Qualification measures
  • Development measures
  • Motivation and retention measures

With our online-based tool for employee action management, these measures and actions can be recorded, monitored and controlled by an internal action approval process.

Some of the module features in a nutshell:

  • Online-Management of actions at individual and overall employee level
  • Downloadable and printable employee action/development plans
  • Overall employee action plan for HR-Manager
  • Master function for approval of development actions and automated feedback of approval status to line managers

Module “HR - Resource Planning / Attrition Analysis”:

The change from a conventional to a strategic resource planning requires several steps:

  • Quantitative and qualitative analyses of the current headcount and indicators of needs
  • Allocation of indicators of needs from current and future corporate goals
  • Consideration of employee portfolio data from employee competency assessments
  • Derivation and implementation of actions

For that to occur, we work within our module “HR - Resource Planning / Attrition Analysis” with your actual headcount and transfer the automatic analyses into your HR Management.

As all of our modules can communicate with each other, it is also possible to use your employee portfolio as a further source of quality data.

Some of the module features in a nutshell:

  • Quantitative analysis of needs (age structure, duration of employment, attrition rate)
  • Qualitative analysis of needs (reasons for attrition and times of attrition)
  • Possible integration of high quality employee portfolio data from “HR Development” module
  • Attrition cost analysis
  • Resource planning in consideration of corporate goals and target planning

Module “Employee Satisfaction Survey“:

Employee retention starts with the consideration of their opinion!

Part of the analysis involves the readjustment or annual critical review of the HR Management through an employee satisfaction survey.

In addition to the good feeling of being heard, there will be willingness to accept change processes, to actively participate in shaping them and to work accordingly, which will increase.

The module “Employee Satisfaction Survey“ provides you with the potential to initiate, attend and have this survey externally interpreted by us – with your employees being reassured that the process is anonymous.

For the initiation of comprehensive change processes within larger rollouts, we provide an overall anonymous KPI reporting.

Some of the module features in a nutshell:

  • Online questionnaire – scientifically sound but also individually adjustable
  • Guaranteed anonymous evaluation with advance information to the employees
  • Detailed result report by definable aspects (e.g. sites, brands, period of employment)
  • Comprehensive anonymous reporting and benchmarking within larger rollouts

Module “Candidate Assessment “:

In not finding the right employee with the requisite skills and competencies there is often an underestimated impact on several areas of the whole company – such as:

  • the future cooperation with management, team and interfaces
  • your customer satisfaction rate
  • the satisfaction and retention degree of all of your staff as well as their commitment
  • the flexibility and innovation strength of your company
  • your employer attractiveness

Therefore, in order to attract suitable candidates, we customize our module to your individually needed behaviour anchors and we also consider socio-demographic factors for the best result.

Some of the module features in a nutshell:

  • Online candidate assessments with individual customized competency catalogues and behaviour anchors
  • Automated creation of reports with analysis of candidate potentials
  • Comprehensive anonymous reporting and benchmarking within larger rollouts
  • Communication with action management module (e.g. for incorporation measures)

Module “Employee Process Survey“:

Process deficiencies are not always obvious for the management and for the employees themselves.

In order to uncover these hidden opportunities and to achieve transparency for the sourcing of actions, we provide our module “Employee Process Survey”.

We ask the employees who initiate the process and the employees who are dependent on this process with their work. We analyse the results and from it we derive concrete measures and action plans.

In particular from interface and division processes it is possible to achieve big results in this easy way which have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and target achievement.

Here also: Who is asked, often realises the need for action and will be much more motivated to accept changes and to involve himself in the setup of processes.

Some of the module features in a nutshell:

  • Fully adaptable (on request anonymous) approach / suitable for all processes and process levels
  • Individually customizable online questionnaires – dependent on target group and process
  • Evaluation of process performance by “Initiators” and “Dependents”
  • Informative reporting with trend analysis and performance change measurement


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